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Testimonial Laurent Favre, CEO

"We have been working with [ITC Software] for more than 2 years now. We started with contract basis work and finally came to ODC which is completely dedicated for our tasks. High team stability, good proficiency and efficient administration support are the factors which bring high value to our collaboration."  ..../more

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  About Us >>


ITC Software is an advanced information technology solutions provider, focused on the global commercial and scientific markets.


  Become a high performance enterprise

with Strategic Outsourcing


 Our solutions range from cutting edge application development and maintenance

to the turnkey establishment of IT Centers >>



Dedicated Science Center (DSC)

Revolutionizing Science and Engineering through Cyberinfrastructure


Russian Dedicated Center (RDC) is a facility of dedicated resources (infrastructure & IT professionals) that act as a virtual extension to your present IT setup >




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Center 01 Russia ../views
Center 02 Russia ../views
Center 03 Russia
Center 04 India ../views
Center 05 India
Center 06 India ../views
Center 07 India
Center 08 Serbia
Center 09 Romania
Center 10 Romani
Center 11 Slovenia

Center 12 Ukraine

Center 13 Belarus

Center 14 Romania

Center 15 Czech & Slovak Rep

Center 16 Mexico

Center 17 Belarus, Estonia, Russia

Center 18 Argentina

Center 19 Romania, Luxembourg


Global software solutions provider with well over 4000 software developers in all key "best shore" IT Centers.










 :::  Full Lifecycle Software Development :::

We offer a wide range of IT services from plain coding to solving complex Research & Development tasks.
Our expertise extends from end-to-end e-business solutions, software development, research and consultancy to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), all geared to optimize our clients' IT infrastructure and accelerate their e-transformation >>

Custom Software Development >>

To Build or to Buy? This dilemma is faced by companies when they decide on a new enterprise system. Often none of the off-the-shelf solutions can meet the specific business requirements in full. Relying on an expert to build a tailor-made solution is the right strategy in this case. For many years We have been delivering Java, .Net, C/C++, PHP, Linux/Unix custom-built products for various domains for companies that have decided to develop their perfectly fitted solutions from scratch. Whether a customer is thinking of establishing a simple Internet presence or considering a complex enterprise solution our experienced team is ready to be of service.

Outsourced Product Development

Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. We help companies to build software products they can sell to their customer. We take care of all aspects of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, and support. Depending on the area of application, we adapt software products to multiple platforms, devices, and databases. Products we work on range from large security and compliance systems to entertainment applications running on millions of handsets.

Mobile Software Development

Mobile phones already became a part of everyday life for over 4 billion people all over the world. Mobile phone use is not limited to calling ?people want to access business information, download music, play games and chat with friends from anywhere. For companies that want to capitalize on this trend, we deliver mobile development services on different platforms and technologies such as Java, C, C++, Objective C, C#, VB.NET for J2ME, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, iPhone, BREW and Linux. Our mobile services also cover mobile testing, mobile consulting and mobile platform development.

Microsoft Technology Consulting

All companies from multinationals to mid-size firms face challenges in information management. This includes locating important information in a growing pile of documents, building a unified enterprise content management, ensuring effective collaboration, automating business processes and gathering business intelligence. We leverage Microsoft technologies and platforms such as .NET and SharePoint to design and implement cost-effective solutions for information management and business processes automation. Our competence helps to make customer’s business more efficient.

Automated Application & Database Migration      

Legacy systems are notoriously hard to enhance and support. Automated migration of an outdated system to a new technology is a way to save time and money, superior to manual system conversion or re-writing. We deliver automated database and application migration services using unique know-how and tools. We offer cross-platform migration solutions for all major databases, including IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase as well as automated cross-platform migration services for platforms such as Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, PowerBuilder, Microsoft .NET and Java. Our migration solutions are cost-effective, risk-free, comprehensive, and individually-tailored  >>  

Testing Services     

There is no doubt that a stable bug-free system is what any user wants when buying a packaged software or ordering a custom development. Resources spent on proper testing of the application are always required. Our software testing team is ready to address any type of testing such as: functional, performance, automation, security, localization and mobile testing. Numerous testing projects completed by our team for different types of applications and domains assure that no pitfalls will be overlooked  >>


We offer a virtual 24-hour non-stop process for our clients. By day the USA/EU  teams presses the project, and at night the Czech , Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Belarusian, Serbian, Indian, Slovenian and/or Ukrainian teams take over >> We offer daily updates, 24-7 progress, and ISO 9001:2000 and CMMI level 4 certified procedures >>




  ::: Selected Verticals :::




A number of packages for general finite element analysis (FEA) have been developed for linear and nonlinear structural analysis, fluid flow, solid-fluid interaction, heat conduction, flow through porous media, and coupled physical problems. The solvers are supported by the original graphical pre- and post-processors and can be coupled with generally adopted software which designs and generates finite elements for input data and output results. Its basic development dates back several decades and is based on fundamental research conducted at the University of Kragujevac in collaboration with world renowned institutions such as M.I.T., the Technical University of Athens, the Imperial College, Harvard University, etc., and in conjunction with industry. We offer the packages as software solutions for specific applications and services for advanced numerical analyses and simulations. General Finite Element Packages >



ITC Software provides state-of-the-art biological and medical data analysis and the development of new algorithms and software for data analysis and visualization in cooperation with many scientists and scientific organizations.


In the scientific arena we closely cooperate with  many world class scientists >> and scientific organizations >> to develop customized data integration solutions and tools in Bioinformatics and other science intensive areas >> for individual researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and academic and government funded research institutions >>

Cyberinfrastructure Initiative >

Energy: Oil & Gas


We have extensive experience in the development of high-tech solutions for both state and private companies of any size. Our customer base includes a number of companies from the gas and power sectors, which rely on our unique expertise and comprehensive solutions. Our solutions help power companies to meet challenges in: managing electricity distribution/transmission networks integrating different data and processes processing electricity and gas bills optimizing maintenance efforts managing a company as a whole. Allow us to focus on power generation plants and power transmission companies. We are ready to cover the whole work cycle by deployment of our solutions >



The digital age, fueled by the ubiquity and convenience of the Web, has heralded changes across all fields. Healthcare, given its direct bearing on our well-being, has been pushed at the vanguard of such changes. We foresaw the digital revolution making rapid inroads into the healthcare sector and geared up with a battery of applications especially engineered to streamline information collection, collation, processing, storage and flow across the healthcare spectrum.


HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS ranging from children and adolescents clinics to general hospitals >

  ::: Vertical  Business Domain Expertise :::


Banking, Finance & Accounting


Bioengineering - General Finite Element Packages

Biomedical Sciences

Corporate automation >

CRM/Call Centers >


Content Management & Editorial systems*


eBiz Solutions


Energy - Oil & Gas, Utilities


eProcurement & Supply Chain Management*




Medical  Pharmaceutical >

Mobile Phone Software

Property Management & Trading & Retailing*

Satellite-based positioning and navigation

Security Solutions - Security Systems Design and Implementation >

Software Development, Productivity & Management Tools

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Navigation & GIS*

Telecommunications >


Request for Proposal


:::  F  E  A  T  U  R  E  D    P  R  O  D U  C  T  S :::


Multiplatform, automated application performance monitoring and management software > Longitude monitors virtually everything on your network, including operating systems, databases, messaging systems, Web servers and any Java 2 Enterprise Edition application



Finite Element software solutions for geomachanics >


Interactive Medical Software  The First User-Friendly CFD program to Simulate Blood Flow through an Aneurysm!




Spectral lines´ database to analyze atomic emissions >


Predict regulatory regions in gene sequences


Java framework for systems biology >



We solve the "bottleneck" problems for people in the data analysis arena >

Science Intensive Development


productpictureMOBIL e d i t!

Revolutionary Open System for Mobile Phones >



Satellite-based positioning and navigation

Financial Analysis Solutions for Microsoft Excel >


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