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CryptoIdentity is a high-performance USB (Universal Serial Bus) security token using cryptographic public/private key technology. CryptoIdentity performs all security functions internally, on the internal chip itself, isolated from the computer environment and all points of attack.

CryptoIdentity is a small handy USB token (about the size of a door key) with an internal smart card chip and operating system cryptographic functions in a secure, isolated environment.

CryptoIdentity implements the most advanced cryptographic technologies including PKI capabilities such as on token RSA private key generation and public key exporting.

Thus, it provides the organizations with the capability to offer high level security and unambiguous identification solutions for internal users and clients, at a low cost.

Thanks to the standard interface and USB Plug&Play capabilities
CryptoIdentity provides an easy to use solution without a need for any additional hardware and moreover, it functions as both the smartcard and the smartcard reader, achieving utmost cost efficiency.

X509 Certificates can conveniently be stored on the token, providing digital identity.

CryptoIdentity is the ultimate solution to the problem of controlled access and control distribution of information over the Internet. This includes controlling access to web pages, services, databases or any application requiring either user authentication, digital signatures or data encryption.

CryptoIdentity contains a specially designed microprocessor to implement its unique authentication and security features. Its RSA 1024 bit capabilities are provided by an internal cryptographic smartcard supported by Algorithmic Research's PKCS#11 tool-kit that is supplied with the token.

CryptoIdentity's features make it the ideal tool for storing passwords, electronic certificates, creating and verifying electronic signatures, e shopping and more. The PKCS#11 tool-kit supplied with CryptoIdentity allows for easy integration with other CA vendors.

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