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Testimonial Laurent Favre, CEO

"We have been working with [ITC Software] for more than 2 years now. We started with contract basis work and finally came to ODC which is completely dedicated for our tasks. High team stability, good proficiency and efficient administration support are the factors which bring high value to our collaboration."  ..../more

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About Us


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Advanced Global IT Solutions


ITC Software is a solutions provider that delivers award-winning software products and solutions that help organizations optimize the availability and performance of applications, databases, systems, and IT infrastructure running across multiple platforms.



ITC Software provides state-of-the-art, innovative and customized software solutions for the life sciences, academic and commercial arenas on-site and offshore. Expertise, speed, value, documentation, and quality are the benefits to your company of any partnership you would engage in with us.


Global Operation


ITC Software is a global operation, and significant coordinating presences are maintained in the US and Europe. These also serve to guide our IT workforce of over 1,100 software engineers in 28 IT centers worldwide, including 16 offshore in Russia, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, India, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine >>


Forefront Science


We partner with the best technology innovators worldwide to ensure you world-class quality and offer you the latest technology-based solutions. Our organization >> maintains strategic partnerships with the worldwide scientific community  >>  to stay at the leading edge of scientific developments, for example, with the Russian Academy of  Sciences, MIT (US), Harvard (US), the University of Tübingen (Germany), University of Liverpool (UK), University of Manchester (UK), Kazan State University (Russia), University of Kragujevac (Serbia), and other R&D and research institutions >>


Rare Skills


ITC Software is one of the few companies that offers standard Java or NET software development coupled with rare skills in areas such as:

This simplifies the product development process and speeds up the time to market.

Application Logic


While most firms can develop software products according to well defined specifications, we are proud that our scientific resources allow us to develop the underlying application logic, too – mathematical algorithms and models, financial schemas etc. Accordingly, both the investigation of scientific problems and the development of corresponding software can be outsourced to ITC Software.

  • “We write the laws in technology." As one of the few companies that invest in the development of new technologies, we are actively working in the VoIP sphere in association with leaders in that area (Nokia, AT&T, MTS, France Telecom, etc. >>)."

  • We also work closely with JBoss >> developing products and technologies, for example, its JAIN-SLEE technology.



We have a successful track-record with large-scale software development projects that require a sophisticated organization of processes and practices, and are built on iterations with separate planning, and formal procedures and assessments, for example:


Awards & Quality Control


We offer ISO 9001 and CMM certified quality management procedures >> and have excellent references >> Importantly, our model provides clients with a virtual 24-hour non-stop process with daily updates, and 24-7 progress.



Cut Costs with Outsourcing


Outsourcing your projects with us can result in substantial cost savings on major IT projects (40% - 60% depending on the mix of onsite and offshore resources) and without compromising on quality of services!



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