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Satellite-based positioning and navigation


ALLTRANS - Geodetic 3D Transformations

- Coordinate Transformation Software -

Also see EuroTRANS


AllTrans can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems with or without geodetic datum change. AllTrans is clearly arranged and easy to use.

Transformations between State-Plane-Coordinates (NAD83, NAD27, Transverse Mercator, Lambert, Soldner-Cassini, Mercator, EOV, Krovak, LV95, Pulkovo-Gauss-Krueger, Gauss-Boaga,...), UTM-Coordinates, Geographical- and 3d-Cartesian-Coordinates. Manual input and File-Import/Export (ASCII) as well. If the geodetic datum of Start- and Targetsystem is not identical there is a datum shift possible (3-Parameter-Molodenski or 7-Parameter-Bursa-Wolf). AllTrans is available in English and German and there is also an Online-Help available.

For all countries there are predefined datum shifts to WGS84. For higher accuracies it is possible to calculate individual parameters using identical points. These parameters then can be stored to the database in AllTrans. The calculation can be done with a Standard-L2-Adjustment or otherwise using an adjustment with reweighting. There is also an outlier test implemented.

With the Geoid-Modul the user can calculate orthometric heights from GPS-heights (e.g. EGM96, EGG97 and some more). 

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  • between Gauß-Krüger coordinates, UTM coordinates, geographical coordinates and 3D-Cartesian coordinates


  • and the calculation of datum parameters using identical points


  • all settings at a glance


  • also possible via file import as well as manually


  • with plausibility test

Technical details:


The ALLTRANS program provides fast, clearly laid out conversions and transformations between coordinates in different mathematical representations and geodetic systems.

It runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000.


  • Transformations can be made between Gauß-Krüger coordinates, UTM coordinates, geographical coordinates and 3D-Cartesian coordinates. If the geodetic datum of the start and target systems are not identical, the necessary datum shift in 3D space is carried out via a 7-parameter transformation according to the Bursa-Wolf model. The parameters can be calculated using identical points and saved in a file. The parameter calculation can be performed with a Standard-L2-Adjustment or otherwise using an adjustment with reweighting (robust parameter estimation). A statistical outlier test after the parameter estimation is also implemented.

  • The following Earth ellipsoids are incorporated as reference ellipsoids for possible geodetic data:
    • DHDN, Bessel Ellipsoid
    • S42, Krassowski Ellipsoid
    • ETRS89, WGS84 Ellipsoid
    • ED50, Hayford Ellipsoid
    • User1, GRS80 Ellipsoid
    • User2, WGS72 Ellipsoid
    • User3, International Ellipsoid
    • User4, Everest Ellipsoid
    • User5, Clarke1880 Ellipsoid
    • User6, Clarke1866 Ellipsoid
  • The transformation can be effected via manual input or through file import.
    The option exists to store the manually entered coordinates in a file. In the case of data input via file import, the output is also principally sent to a file. The name and directory of the files can be freely selected. The file content can be displayed at any time.

  • The mathematical accuracy of the transformation within a GK meridian strip has a mean value of around 0.1 millimeter. The GK meridian strip is automatically calculated by default during the transformation into Gauß-Krüger coordinates, but it can also be predetermined. (The same applies analogously for UTM.)

  • The manual input of data is checked for erroneous input, which is then clearly indicated.

Also see EuroTRANS

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