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 Hidden Eye


Information security systems


HiddenEye is a system of centralized visual control and user actions analysis.


HiddenEye is a software product designed for hidden monitoring of workstations used by corporate information systems as well as by isolated ones. The main objective of the software product is recording of screenshots in the process of monitoring the workstation and their further transfer via the network onto the security server where they are stored and processed.

HiddenEye consists of 3 parts:

  • Agent (Client part) is installed on the workstation, monitors its activity and transfers information onto the server;

  • Server (Server part) is installed on the workstation of the surveiller, it gives a possibility to browse records and make the required actions over them;

  • Administrative part provides HiddenEye server administration and also allows you to browse data collected from the computers being surveilled.

Main Features

  • Records screen copies of the workstation being surveilled during its operation along with the information about its current status (user profile, machine name, date and time of the information received);

  • Transfers the information recorded onto the HiddenEye server (if it is networked), or saves locally either in Jpg, Png or HiddenEye internal format;

  • Provides data loss protection when access to the network is not available, continues to monitor user actions by means of local buffering to further transfer them onto the server;

  • Enables protection from users counteraction to HiddenEye surveillance system - the user cannot disable the software;

  • Enables stealth operation of HiddenEye client;

  • Integrates with SafeLogin to ensure advanced authentication;

  • Integrates with TaskSecureManager and SafeWork for centralized information collection and setup control;

  • Provides remote access to the information collected (browse, copy, print, delete);

  • Protects the information stored on the server from unauthorized access through the advanced authentication mechanism;

  • Enables enhanced search among video information by list of initiated processes, by headers of the windows opened, by username, by contents of a desktop (search by keywords in the picture).

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