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Information Protection

As the information technologies develop, organizations depend more and more on the information stored and processed electronically. Along with the development of technologies as well as launching of the World Wide Web INTERNET, there is an increasing hazard of intrusion from outside into their operations, such as theft of confidential information, deliberate change of information, damage from computer viruses, etc. The administrators today come to understand how important these problems are, nevertheless they keep on neglecting the threats coming from their own network users, e.g. theft of information, its deliberate or unintentional corruption. However, even the availability of information protection against unauthorized access, without being confirmed by the appropriate documents, does not ensure the legally valid operation of the systems.

Our company offers you its real support in tackling the issues of information protection.

We provide services comprising

  • design and implementation of security systems covering data protection against unauthorized access, backup, anti-virus guard, uninterrupted power supply;

  • testing to certify the software and hardware, to be delivered or running, in accordance with the governing documents of the certification bodies of the Russian Federation;

  • warranty service of security systems;

  • training for security administrators.

Our partners are the leading security systems manufacturers and suppliers from abroad and Russia:

  • RSA Security;
  • Microsoft;
  • Schlumberger;
  • Cisco Systems;
  • Checkpoint Software;
  • Internet Security Systems;
  • NIP Informzaschita;
  • ELVIS+ and others.

Such services are provided to the RF Ministry of Defence, GAZPROM, Transneft, the RT Ministry of the Interior and a number of other companies, organizations and government bodies.

Security Systems Design and Implementation.
This service type includes:

  • complete survey and assessment of information systems under development or legacy systems;
  • design of information security systems;
  • implementation and benchmarking of the protected information system.
As a result of this, our customer will have:
  • preliminary design and documentation for the protected information system;
  • protected information system in compliance with the up-to-date norms of legislation confirmed by the appropriate documents.

This service type is recommended to the companies who tackle the information security issues for the first time at the stage of designing their own IT systems, as well as to the companies using unprotected systems.

Testing to certify the software and hardware to be delivered and running.
Software/hardware is tested for:

  • protection against security hazard coming from inside or outside;

  • compliance with the security class requirements of the RF State Technical Committee;

  • conformance to international standards with regard to such security systems.

As a result of this testing, our customer will have:

  • review on the detected potential threats in the running information systems in accordance with the governing documents of the RF State Technical Committee;

  • recommendations for their elimination using the state-of-the-art securing software and hardware. If the customer desires it, we can procure and install these software and hardware for him/her;

  • list of protective features which either the product or the system should have in addition for them to meet the security class requirements of the RF State Technical Committee. If necessary, we can develop projects on information security systems, implement them and furnish all necessary legal formalities to certify and benchmark the security systems;

  • complete review on the status of protection of the customer’s information system.

This service type is recommended to the companies who wish to test the level of protection of their own IT system. Using such service the customers can make sure that all the features of their security system meet the requirements of the RF State Technical Committee to further have it benchmarked. The companies specialising in security tools development and supplies can make use of these services to have their tools duly tested.

Warranty service of security systems.
This service type includes:

  • continuous updating of system software (operating systems, DBMS and the like) as soon as the vulnerabilities are revealed and the manufacturer releases patches;

  • consultations on the security issues over the leased telephone line;

  • preventive anti-virus tests;

  • sets of tests for the system crack-proof;

  • liquidation of the consequences of the crashes caused by cracks and viruses;

  • expert analysis of the reasons and identification of the crackers of security systems.

This service type is recommended to the companies who consider it beside the purpose to develop and maintain the security system by themselves. Our specialists will provide warranty service of the customer’s security system on the contract basis.

Training for security administrators.
The customers interested in building their own information security service are offered training required for their specialists.
This service type includes:

  • lectures and practical sessions in information security software and hardware, as well as organisational events and legal norms;

  • quarterly workshops and round tables on the latest products and information protective devices.

If the customer chooses to have a specialist in a certain critical resource (such as, operating systems, Internet, local area network for DBMS), the respective training course is recommended.
We offer the following training courses:

  • Network security administrator;
  • Security facilities and information security systems in the heterogeneous environments based on UNIX, Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Novell Netware, ORACLE.

The trainees who have certain experience in system administration of the products chosen are welcomed.

Our activities are licensed by the State Technical Committee under the President of the Russian Federation.

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