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Last Chance Team
Scientific Advisory Board
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Last Chance Team
UCI Benchmark Study
Spatial Modeling of Habitats
Last Chance Team

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We solve the "bottleneck" problems for people in the data analysis arena.


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Faculty of Ecology of Kazan State University, Russia

Prof. Anatoly A. Saveliev, Comp.Sci. PhD.
Professor of Ecosystems Modeling Department,
Faculty of Ecology of Kazan State University, Russia.

Anatoly Saveliev is a leader of a small scientific group whose research activities are: Statistical analysis and modeling of multidimensional data; Spatial data analysis (variography), modeling (kriging) and simulation (Random Markov Fields); Remote Sensed images of Earth processing; Artificial Neural Networks application in data analysis; 3D data dynamic visualization; Fluid flow and transport in porous media.  The group has a broad knowledge and experience in software development (OpenGL, C/C++, Fortran, Pascal).

Our Chair of Ecosystems Modeling is responsible for (multidimensional-spatio-temporal) data analysis and modeling of natural phenomena.

Our faculty was constituted 15 years ago from four chairs of four faculties:

  • Chair of Ecosystems Modeling originates from the Faculty of Computer Science;
  • Chair of Landscape Ecology originates from the Faculty of Geography;
  • Chair of Applied Ecology originates from Faculty of Chemistry;
  • Chair of Common Ecology originates from Faculty of Biology.

Our team includes people not only from our faculty and various other faculties from all over Russia.

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Last Chance Team
UCI Benchmark Study
Spatial Modeling of Habitats
Last Chance Team

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Prof. Anatoly Saveliev: info(at)

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