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 MAX - Business Management Automation


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MAX is an enterprise-wide, integrated business system designed for single or multi-site manufacturing and distribution companies.


MAX is an ideal ERP solution for both small companies as well as large, multi-national corporations.



Business Management Systems


МАХ is a package of integrated business systems which provides extensive features to help run all departments in a modern Manufacturing or Distribution business.

Business management is key to successful operation of the entire company. To ensure their stability in business and prosperity in future, the businesses should make provision for an effective management system so as to achieve the following business objectives:

  • Improve delivery and customer service
  • Enhance sales order processing
  • Reduce stock and work-in-progress
  • Reduce order delivery time
  • Reduce manufacturing lead time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve critical equipment and human resources usage
  • Respond quickly to market changes
  • Optimize resources and materials usage
  • Improve profit and loss balance

Careful consideration is required to achieve and maintain the competitive edge, especially when the market conditions are so swift to change. The sole concept that could be efficient under the current conditions in the market is to be oriented to world class production and management.

Integrated business management is the basis for world class production. It is relatively easy to improve particular areas, such as accounting, product design, process planning, resources planning and management. However, the improvement of a particular area of management does not maximize the efficiency of business management.

МАХ is an easy-to-use, fully integrated package aiming at a company who is willing to gain competitive advantage under the market conditions.

МАХ is developed to cover the core aspects of your company: production planning, procurement, sales, business planning and accounting.

МАХ gives total flexibility in multi-national export operations and provides multi-language and multi-currency functions.

Product quality and new services
Better quality of products and customer service leads to extensive business activity. Rapid implementation, efficient operations, facts-based management, quality of products and new services, market expansion and other benefits achieved thanks to МАХ account for its deployment in more than 500 enterprises today. Our customers have all their business aspects supported by the integrated МАХ modules designed for accounting, manufacturing, and commercial management and planning.

Main Modules

Key Functions

Business Simulator

  • Produces a Master Production Schedule balanced with manufacturing capacity

  • Simulates the manufacturing process

  • Predicts bottlenecks

  • Reports resource utilization, delivery performance, inventory levels, cashflow and profit

Business Planning

  • Produces a production output plan

  • Balances load and capacity

  • Provides ‘what-if’ master scheduling

  • Creates and tests manufacturing and purchasing plans


  • Predicts demand based upon trends

  • Forecasts requirements for materials and components

  • Forecasts prices for finished goods

Contract Management

  • Checks the availability of capacities to achieve the contract due dates

  • Calculates the cost of a contract

  • Monitors the progress of a contract so that each stage is completed on time and within budget

Product Data Management

  • Defines the core data and how the products are made both in terms of materials and methods

  • Describes product structures to the system

  • Maintains planned production routes for all items with differing cost bases

  • Maintains the standard records describing all plant, facilities, work centers, etc.

  • Controls engineering and production modifications

  • Provides links with CAD systems

Sales Order Management

  • Provides sales order processing

  • Creates customer’s credit position

  • Creates delivery documentation

  • Controls goods despatching

  • Maintains configurable products

  • Provides sales analysis

  • Maintains price lists, discounts, quantity break discounts

Inventory Management

  • Controls the movement and storage of stocks

  • Provides non-stop cycle counting

  • Provides ABC analysis facilities

  • Supports batch, range and item traceability

Purchase Management

  • Controls purchase orders, receipts and purchase invoices

  • Creates delivery schedules

  • Monitors delivery progress

  • Controls goods receiving

  • Maintains requisitions

Shop Floor Management

  • Launches production batches

  • Controls the sequence of operations

  • Progresses work orders through the manufacturing facility

  • Supports an interface with bar coding systems

  • Provides facilities for factory systems link

Cost Management

  • Maintains standard, planned and actual cost data for every item

  • Performs cost calculations and what-if costing


  • Maintains General Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger

  • Maintains Fixed Assets Register

  • Calculates taxes

  • Supports multi-currency transactions

  • Produces bank documents

  • Provides facilities to handle debtors and creditors

  • Creates balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow reports and others

  • Generates General Ledger reports

  • Builds budget plans by cost centers and monitors company performance against budget plans

Schedule Management

  • Accepts customer schedules either manually or via EDI

  • Enables to respond quickly to changed customer requirements

Success ensured by the integrated implementation method
Even for the best business applications the implementation process is a mind-breaker and involves a great number of people. MAX’s Rapid Implementation Method, MAXIM, implies an integrated approach that helps plan and monitor all the implementation stages in the right way to achieve the desired result on time and within the assigned budget.

On-line support for MAX users is provided.

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