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MedCFD Introduction
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MedCFD Introduction
MedCFD Screenshot
MedCFD News


MedCFD is the first user-friendly CFD program to simulate blood flow through an Aneurysm!  * 

  • MedCFD generates blood flow simulations through the aneurysm by automatically generating a realistic geometric model of an aneurysm.

  • This user friendly CFD program helps predict the growth of an aneurysm and its danger of rupturing.

  • MedCFD is engineered for vascular surgeons, physicians and biomedical engineers.

The program interface is intuitive and very little knowledge on the subject is required to make it a powerful and effective tool for any user.

MedCFD allows you to determine and evaluate the effects of flow characteristics that could not be explained with standard test methods. It was found that the blood flow through an aneurysm is very complex, with reattachment and separation points. Such saddle points can easily be  determined with MedCFD.

Generally,  our software for blood flow contains a three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of flow through blood vessels. We include flexible blood vessel walls, fluid-structure interaction, viscoelastic behavior of deformable walls, etc.

 The results of the computation consist of blood velocity and pressure fields, shear stress distribution at the wall surface, stresses, strains and stretches in the tissue, and the other parameters if needed. 

We can offer specific CAD/CFD modules to simulate of blood flow in:

1. The ascending aorta
2. The descending aorta
3. The brachiocephalic trunk
4. The left common carotid artery
5. The right common carotid artery
6. The subclavian artery
7. The left coronary artery
8. The right coronary artery

Each of these software modules provide automation, eliminate user-dependent mistakes, and drastically reduce time to create the computational model, so that users need not be familiar with the details of the pre-processing procedure of CFD analysis. Availability of the software for transfer data in other Windows applications is supported automatically.

You can currently download an interactive DEMO program MedCFD >> to simulate blood flow through an aneurysm with rigid walls. Important phenomena can be modeled by the MedCFD program, such as reattachments of particles and separation points.

MedCFD automatically generates a realistic geometric model of an aneurysm. This user-friendly CFD program to simulate blood flow within aneurysm helps predict aneurysm growth and the danger of rupture. Users of this program are, for example, vascular surgeons, physician and biomedical engineers.

A full version of our software allows a complete 3D post processing and visualization and full analysis of 3D problems.

If you would like to model some specific problems, with specific aims, we are willing to participate in a development project which meets your needs. We provide the methods and software development in biomechanics of biosolids and biofluids, and also a graphical interfaces for automatic model generation and results display. For further information, please contact: Prof. Dr. Milos Kojic or Prof. Dr. Filipovic: support(at)


 * A soft, pulsating, hollow tumor, containing blood, arising from the preternatural dilation or rupture of the coats of an artery; A localized, pathological, blood-filled dilatation of a blood vessel caused by a disease or weakening of the vessel's wall.

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MedCFD Introduction
MedCFD Screenshot
MedCFD News

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