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productpictureMOBILedit! Forensic - References

UP | Overview | MOBILEedit | Forensic | Law Enforcement | How it works | Full List of Features | Supported Phones | References

MOBILedit! Forensic is quickly becoming the standard for phone forensics around the world. It is being used on six different continents with some of the most prestigious customers on the globe. Below are some of the most well-regarded MOBILedit! Forensic users.

United Kingdom: Forensic Science Service, London Metropolitan Police, Forensic Science Northern Ireland, Govt Comms Planning Directorate, Fife Constabulary, West Yorkshire Police, Grampian Police, Lothian & Borders Police, North Wales Police Service, Leicestershire Constabulary, National Threat Assessment Center, Cumbria Constabulary, Surrey Police, Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary

USA: Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Secret Service, US Army, US Navy, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Lockheed Martin, Department of Homeland Defense, New York Police Department, Houston Police Department, Baltimore County Police Dept, Delaware State Police, Boston Police Department, Loudoun County Sheriff's Office (VA), Painesville Police Dept. (OH), CIFA, Johnson County Police Dept. (KS), District Attorney NYC, Hayward Police Dept. (CA), Cola Sheriff’s Dept. (CA), Southern California High Task, Chandler Police Department (AZ)

Canada: Surete du Quebec, Montreal Police Department, Govt of Canada, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Peel Regional Police, Toronto Police Service, Vancouver Police Dept., SPVM, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, SSFC

Australia: Australian Federal Police, Australian Customs Service, Department of Defense, Australian Crime Commission, New South Wales police, Victoria Police, Northern Territory Police Force, Queensland Police Service, Tasmania Police, Crime and Misconduct Commission, Ernst & Young

Germany: Polizeipräsidium Recklinhausen, Polizeipräsidium Aachen, LKA Niedersachsen, Polizeipräsidium Köln, Kreispolizeibehvrde Guetersloh, Hessisches LKA, LKA Bremen, LKA Thueringen, LKA NRW, LKA Baden Wüttemberg, PD Bvblingen, Kreispolizeibehvrde Steinfurt, Polizeipräsidium Hamm, Polizeipräsidium Munchen, Der Landrat des Rhein-Erft-Kreises, Polizeipräsidium Kiel, Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden, LandesPD ZD Sachsen, PD Konstanz, LandesPD Karlsruhe – DVE, PD Freudenstadt, PD Gotha, Polizeipräsidium Karlsruhe, PD Suhl, Bundespolizei Zentralstelle, Polizeipräsidium Dortmund, Kreispolizeibehörde Neuss, PD Gera, PD Erfurt, PD Rastatt Baden-Baden, KPI Saalfeld, Polizeipräsidium Duisburg, PD Lörrach DVE, PD Waldshut-Tiengen, Kriminalpolizei Heilbronn, PD Pforzheim, LandesPD Tübingen, PD Offenburg, PD Calw, PD Göppingen, Polizeiamt fuer Technik u. Beschaffung, PD Esslingen, Saarland Polizei LKA, Polizei Hamburg, PD Emmendingen, PD Sigmaringen, Polizeipräsidium Mannheim, LandesPD Freiburg, PD Reutlingen, PD Pforzheim, Kriminalpolizei Rottweil, Polizeipraesidium Stuttgart, LandesPD Stuttgart, PD Ulm, PD Waldshut-Tiengen, Powerbit GbR, PD Heidenheim, PD Friedrichshafen, LandesPD Freiburg, Polizeipräsidium Duisburg, PD Waiblingen

Finland: Tampereen kihlakunnan poliisilaitos

Norway: Sxr-Trxndelag Police District, Midtre Halogaland Politidistrikt, Hordaland Politidistrikt Krimtekn., Vestoppland Politidistrikt, Vestfold Politi, Harstad Policestation, Grenland Politistasjon, Politiet Lyngdal, Salten Politidistrikt, Rogaland Politidistrikt, Kongsberg Politistasjon, Lindĺs og Meland lensmannskontor, Office of Police Integrity, Military Police Oslo, Arna & Ĺsane Police Station, Hordaland Politidistrikt, Nord Trondelag Politidistrikt, Midtre Halogaland Politidistrikt, Norwegian Police University College, Řstfold Politidistrikt, Sřr-Trřndelag Politidistrikt, Sogn & Fjordane Police District, Lřrenskog lensmannskontor, Odda politistasjon, Vestfold Politi, Os Lensmannskontor

The Netherlands: Netherlands Forensic Institute, Computer Crime Haaglanden, The Haag, Ministerie van SZW, Politie Gelderland Midden, Politieregio RdamRijnm, Divisie Justitiële Zaken,Politie Amsterdam Amstelland, Computer Crime Haaglanden, Politie Gelderland Midden, BDE Zuid, BDE Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Politie Hollands Midden, BDRK, IBDE Oost-NL, Regiopolitie Limburg-Zuid, Politie NHN, BDR IJsselland, Politie Fryslan, Police Gooi & Vechtstreek

Italy: DiPartimento Della Pubblica Sicurezza

Sweden: Swedish National Police, Rikskriminalpolisen IT-Brottsroteln, Skane County Police Department, Polismyndigheten i Sthlm ldn Roslagens PMD, Gotland County Police, Sodermanland County Police, Polismyndigheten i Uppsala län, Polismyndigheten i Blekinge

Poland: Uslugi Informatyczne

France: PCM Assistance, Ministere de l'Intérieur et de l'Aménagement du, Dipj Bordeaux

Aruba: RST

Belgium: Police Federale

Switzerland: Kantonspolizei GR, Stadtpolizei Bern, Police Cantonale Valaisanne, Eidg. Zollverwaltung, Kantonspolizei Zürich, Kantonspolizei Schwyz, Kantonspolizei Aargau, Polizeikommando Bern

Malta: Government

New Zealand: New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Police

Denmark: Glostrup politi

Malaysia: Royal Malaysia Police


UP | Overview | MOBILEedit | Forensic | Law Enforcement | How it works | Full List of Features | Supported Phones | References

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