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Omni Cart :: Overview

Shopping on the Internet has now become faster and safer for your customers. Thanks to our high-end, powerful software system - Omni Cart.

Omni Cart is a fully customizable system with complete database functionality. Its database access and retrieval system is specifically focused on e-commerce. All that your customers need to do is to select items to buy from the catalog pages.

The technology used in Omni Cart makes the entry of credit card numbers practical and secure. In addition, it supports online payment systems and encryption; no credit card numbers need be stored on the system.

As many as 1,000 Omni Cart catalogs can be run on one machine, from the same server process. When possible, multiple servers are forked to serve the same set of catalogs. This ensures a faster response, while only one server runs when there is no catalog activity.

Omni Cart being powerful is correspondingly complex. It can easily handle catalogs of a million items or more, with excellent performance. What's more, it also has a flexible page display, search facility and order entry capability.

Back end Business Operation
  Powerful shopping cart
  Powerful E-Commerce requires no prior programming knowledge
  Multiple high-end E-Commerce Template Selection
  Open Architecture for Template Customization
  View Cart, Cart Checkout, Instant Cart Contents
  Allows shoppers to save cart contents for a later visit
  Auto creates order at back-end from Cart Checkout (In real time)
  Auto creates quote at back-end from Cart Checkout (In real time)
  Multiple Shops Option (For different Dot Coms sharing Inventory)
  Quick Keyword Search of Items' Main Description
  Banner Advertisement Rotation Based on Items/Categories
  JSP/JAVA Based
  Co-locate at ISP
  Automatic Cart Time-out/User Logout-based on inactivity period
Online Account Management (B2B/B2C)
  Real-time Online Customer Account History
  Customer based Product Restrictions
  Multiple Shipping Addresses Online
  Online Customer Login/Security
  Online Customer Tracking/Profiling
  Auto-Manage Forgotten Passwords
  Real-time (Batch-free) Account Creation at Back-end
  Account Only' Shoppers
  Multiple Online Payment Terms & Methods
  Use Account Code or Email ID as Login Code
  Single Account Multiple Contact Login
  Secret Questions for Password & Account Management
  Enable Customers to Add Special Notes per Account
Online Order Management
  Real-time Online Order Status
  Real-time Online Shipment Tracking
  Automatic Order Notification via E-mail
  Real-time (Batch-free) Order Creation at Back-end
  Online Document Status Tracking
  B2B/B2C Dynamic Pricing Discounts
  Capture Credit Card Information Online
  Authorize Credit Cards Online*
  Sell Price vs. List Price Cross Mark
  Enable Shopper to Add Special Notes per Order
  Set Minimum Value for Web Orders
Online Inventory Management
  Unlimited Items Online
  Sell Items from third-Party Catalogs (e.g., Distributor's Inventory)
  Online Kit Configuration
  Item Upgrade/Downgrade Configuration with Price Delta
  Display Item Stock by Quantity or Availability
  Store & Display Manufacturer URLs for Items
  Suggestive Cross Selling (Similar/Alternate/Add-on Items)
  Item Grouping (Featured Items, New Items, etc.)
  Attach Images, Streaming Audio, Streaming Video to Items
  Multiple Image Sizes per Item including Thumbnail & Full size
  Image Library
  List Price as 'Call' for Specific Items
Online Reports and Statistics
  Most to Least Popular Online Items/Categories-Viewed/Sold
  Average Time Spent Window Shopping
  Number of Unique Shop Visitors per Period Defined
  Customized E-Mail Triggers Based on Predefined Events
  Items/Kits Added to Cart but Not Purchased
  Total Web Orders Taken per Period Defined
  Customized reports available


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