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Testing Services

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There is no doubt that a stable bug-free system is what any user wants when buying a packaged software or ordering a custom development. Resources spent on proper testing of the application are always required. Our software testing team is ready to address any type of testing such as: functional, performance, automation, security, localization and mobile testing. Numerous testing projects completed by our team for different types of applications and domains assure that no pitfalls will be overlooked.

Cost of a Mistake

  • The $125 million dollar space craft crushed into the Mars because of a tiny mistake: a subcontractor who designed the navigation system on the orbiter used imperial units of measurement instead of the metric system that was specified by NASA.¹
  • Software errors cost the US economy $60 billion annually in rework, lost productivity and actual damages.²

Modern civilization depends on software, so it needs to be as reliable as possible. But software is produced by humans, who are fallible. The programs they create are prone to crashes, bugs and security holes. What is the solution? Proper testing!


Testing at ITC Software: Quick Facts


  • 60 full-time testing specialists
  • Over 10 years of experience in testing
  • ISO 9001:2000 company certification
  • CMMI3, GAMP4 pre-assessment  3)
  • ISTQB team members certification 4)
  • In-house center of excellence for testing services
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Types of Testing Services Provided by ITC Software    

Testing Services Overview


Functional Testing


Does a software program/product work as intended? Does it do the right things in a right way? Functional testing validates and verifies that the software meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development, and works as expected.



Functional testing


Performance Testing


Would a system perform well under certain workload, would it be scalable and reliable, would there be enough resources for it to work properly? Performance testing identifies potential risks and bottlenecks and gives the right answer before you face a problem of user dissatisfaction caused by low system performance.



Performance testing





Security Testing


In today’s world the number and variety of threats to IT systems are multiplying daily. For companies that care about sensitive information of their own or their clients, security testing is a must. Our security testing experts help to ensure that your system is duly protected in terms of vulnerability.



Security testing



Mobile Testing

ITC Software can test your software on existing mobile handsets (inhouse lab of 60+ devices) or prototypes, as well as to prepare the application for Symbian™, Java Verifi ed and Microsoft Mobile2Market Applications testing programs more rapidly and with less costs.


Mobile testing


Automation Testing


Test automation helps to reduce costs and maintain quality when developing and supporting large-scale or mission-critical application. ITC Software employs the leading testing tools and the best practices to automate your functional, regression and performance testing processes.


Automation testing




Localization Testing


Localization is a process of adapting a globalized application to a particular culture/locale. ITC Software's localization testing team ensures that the software “speaks” a language of target customers, that it conforms to the local cultural, linguistic and regulatory peculiarities.



Case Study: Testing Automationss

Case Study: Testing 1 - Personal Planning SystemSS

Case Study: Testing 2 - Personal Planning SystemSS 





Security test tools Wireshark, Watchfi re Appscan, WebInspect, Positive Technologies XSpider, tools for injection checks.
Test and Defect tracking Atlassian Jira* , LogiGear TrackGear, HP Quality Center, Bugzilla and Rational ClearQuest
Configuration management SVN, MS VSS, CVS and SharePoint
Process monitoring Atlassian Jira*, LogiGear TrackGear, HP Quality Center, Rational ClearQuest and system of metrics & reports
Test automation Borland SilkTest, Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, Borland SilkPerformer, HP LoadRunner, HP WinRunner, HP QTP, HttpUnit, JMeter and Rational Performance Tester etc.




Software Testing for



When developing a centralized solution for cancer medicine production, our testing team performed various types of testing to ensure the highest system quality level: performance, localization, and functional. The integrated application consists of 3+ millions of code lines. Over 60% of code is migrated. The developed mission critical software complies with GAMP4 provisions. This conformity was verified and confirmed by duly authorized state representatives before the system went live.


Unit Testing vs. System Testing

While unit testing is mostly aimed to verify the code quality, system testing ensures proper work of the application. In other words software testing services allow to guarantee that the application not only makes the things right, but also makes the right things.

Testing by developers vs. testing by testers

It’s hard for a person to be objective and to find a mistake in his/her own work. Testing experts review application from another perspective, different from a developer’s way of thinking. Besides, testing experts
are trained professionals, thus more effective.

When software testing outsourcing is the right option?

  • Lack of internal testing resources;

  • External development, thus need in independent and unbiased quality verification;

  • Lack of experience in specialized types of testing: everyone cannot be an expert in everything.

When to start testing?

Shift-left rule: the earlier you start, the less you would pay.

“A bug which costs $1 to fix on the programmer’s desktop costs $100 to fix once it is incorporated into a build, and thousands of dollars if it is identified only after the software has been deployed in the field.”³

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1. CNN, “NASA’s metric confusion caused Mars orbiter loss”, September 30, 1999.
2. NIST, “Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing”, May 2002.

3. Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP)

4. ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)


In this section UP
Delivery Models
Development Model
Custom Software Development
Outsourced Product Development
Microsoft Technology Consulting
Application & Database Migration
Testing Services
Embedded Programming Services
508 / WAI Accessibility Retrofit
Compatibility Testing
Quality Management
Sample User Interfaces


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