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Our expertise encompasses a diverse set of commercial products and services such as e-commerce business applications, business portal development, ERP for SME segment, application and virtual private networks for the telecommunication & IT industries.

One main line of activity is to take up turnkey commercial application software development work covering the entire responsibility of performing the initial system study, system design, system development, system implementation and training. The application software is totally customized to suit the clients' actual work requirements. We have teams of software engineers who specialize in writing source codes under various computer languages and are also conversant with the latest GUI front-end tools.

Products and Solutions:

Banking, Finance & Accounting
Healthcare Solutions
Mobile Phone Software
Stock Quotes for PocketPC
Security Solutions
ERP Packages
eBiz Solutions
Multimedia Solutions

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Turnkey Consultancy

We are capable of handling turnkey pre- and post-computerization consultancy projects. We have resources capable of handling feasibility studies, system studies, system requirement analysis, system design and development techniques, technical evaluation and testing, implementation methodologies, etc.

Our consultancy services cover troubleshooting, changes in software as and when required, training of users, tallying of accounts, hardware aspects, etc. We also provide software resources from our organization for on-site development and maintenance. For example, we have three Sybase & UNIX resources deputed at Forbes Gokak Ltd., Delhi and three at their Bombay office for maintenance and development of their existing and new software for the last three years.


Mobile Computing Application

Our Mobile Computing Applications are guided by a vision to deliver mobile and remote computer users with systems, applications and support that optimize their effectiveness and enable them to be more productive in their daily work, making them more responsive to their customers.

Our solutions range from applications development and customer relationship management systems to infrastructure design and applications management solutions for companies with remote and mobile users.

Internet / Intranet / Extranet Applications

Instant availability of business information brings about significant improvement in the efficiency of an organization. This is precisely what our Internet/Intranet/Extranet Applications are designed to achieve.

We have helped many brick-and-mortar companies employ the resources of the Web to streamline their business functions. While our Intranet Application improves the efficiency of complex business processes of our clients, our Extranet Application boosts the efficacy of the Intranets linking their vendors and suppliers. We have always endeavored to seamlessly combine these applications with the express purpose to connect and strengthen the existing links between customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and employees.

Migration / porting Applications

In recent years, the need to install Migration/Porting applications has gained currency. Thus, engineering such applications with sound effectiveness necessitates a step-by-step study of the processes involved. Which is why we have consistently adopted a phased approach to porting client-server applications. Undertaking such a detailed database study also helps in regeneration of logic.

Besides, our team addresses compiler specific issues on various platforms and maintains Binary and byte-order while recompiling/reconstructing cross-platform code. Binary file formats are inspected with care and byte-ordering differences are addressed. We take special care to resolve all run-time issues before the products are shipped out of our labs.

Business Process (Re-) Engineering and Feasibility Studies

We specialize in providing consultancy services for business process (re-) engineering and feasibility studies related to information technology requirements for the enterprise. We are capable of interacting with all levels of users within an enterprise to define business rules and also draw up a blue print of the IT requirements of an enterprise.

We would sit on the client's side of the table to identify, evaluate and perform cost benefit analysis for the right technology to be deployed in an enterprise after ascertaining the requirements.

Turnkey Data Communication Projects

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for data communication requirements. We have expertise in working with various communication equipments and are also quite conversant with softwares specific for different types of data communication requirements.

In addition, we have expertise in writing communications software patches for achieving high speed data transmissions under the DOS and WINDOWS environments.

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